Seymour Duncan Overture

Pickups for Acoustic Guitars | Product code: S-OVERTURE | ID: 314390

Seymour Duncan Overture

Seymour Duncan Overture

Pickup for acoustic guitar. A ceramic accelerometer and custom preamp allow you to amplify the natural timbre of your guitar with great clarity, and minimal coloration.

The Overture picks up the warmth and character of your instrument with startling clarity and accuracy, preserving its natural acoustic sound for live performance and direct-recording applications. The ceramic accelerometer is a very small and light device that is mounted to your guitars top and senses the complex vibrations of your guitar. Combined with our preamp, which is slightly larger than a 9 volt battery, get excellent dynamics and a very wide frequency response. This is a great pickup for percussive players and it works well for steel or nylon string instruments.

  • Noise: <-75 dBV
  • Distortion: <0,08%

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