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Muziker Professional service

Our commitment does not end with delivered goods

Very few eshops can boast the benefit of an authorized service center. We in Muziker would like our customers to feel the quality of our service since the first contact and to keep this positive experience for next few years. Our commitment does not end with the moment of purchase. We know that to leave a lasting impression does not just mean to offer a wide selection of quality  goods for several leisure time activities for reasonable prices, to communicate quickly and to be able to advise our customers across 26 EU countries, or to enable secure and seamless payment and deliver the good on time. We can take care of our customers even after the purchase and won't leave them hanging if something goes wrong.

Our claim center has its own authorized repair service capable or quick and professional repairs. So that we can fulfil our commitments for the entire warranty period and life cycle without undue delay, we employ our own team of experienced professional repairmen, electricians and testers. Our service is authorized to repair more than 30-renowned brands. We also work with other Authorized services for more than 160 brands. You can count on our experience!

We only sell high-quality products, most of which are subject to inspection prior to dispatch from our distribution centre. However if despite our best efforts something fails or some defect is found on the purchased product, you have the right to claim warranty. How do I make a claim?