Zaor Vision W Black/White

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Zaor Vision W Black/White

Designer table for recording studios. The big brother of the VISION line is the VISION W workstation. Featuring the same massive width of 1595 mm and a depth of 825 mm for the desktop, a second level incorporating 3 x 3 rack units and space above for screen(s) and or speakers, ideally supported by the optional Isoplane isolators. With a total height of 907 mm the W has the ideal height and most things a modern producer desires in a very handsome package. Space for controllers, Qwerty keyboard and mouse, vital rack gear right in from of you within easy reach, a higher plane for screens and nearfields. Of course it also has the deep cable trough at the back that takes all of your cables, powerstrips and -supplies, even an extra hard disk.

  • Work surface dimensions: 1595 x 505 mm
  • Dimensions of the shelf on the second tier: 1509 x 255 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 1595 x 907 x 825 mm
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Colour: Black/White

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akoby Aphex Twin stolik ... great!

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