It is almost impossible to compete with the Yamaha PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900 keyboards in disciplines such as digital sound, design and playing comfort. Right from the start everybody knows who's gonna be a winner. After all, this is the newest generation of the PSR-S series, made to offer exclusive playing feeling and maximum production performance. And the result is truly unique. Both instruments accentuate individuality and uniqueness of every player and come with plethora of ideas and functions, which support your musical ideas at all times. Fans of PSR-SX can look forward not only to the new fascinating design, but also to the redesigned user interface with touchscreen, programmable buttons, live-controllers, and intuitive controls. Hours of fun await you. Song composing is easier than ever with a large scale of musical styles and rhythmic accompaniment makes for an ideal musical partner.

In 2001, models PSR-1000 and PSR-2000 with concept of central graphical display came up and, after 3 years, were followes by PSR-3000 with innovations like USB or the "Mega Voice" technology. Now, after 15 years, newest generation of PSR-SX series is hitting the market with its ultrarealistic sound and the biggest selection of styles and functions to date, aiming at every keyboard player, regardless of his musical style.

If you still own the older models, you can find out all the new things you get by purchasing these new keyboards PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900 in the following table:

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