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Tell your friends and loved ones what gift you want

Not everyone can read minds, so don't be ashamed to say what gift you are craving for. We've created a Wishlist function for you, which you can now share with anyone you want. This is nothing new? You can create up to 50 of them with us!

How to do it?

Find all the products you want from us.
There could be hundreds of them, so don't limit yourself.

Each product has a heart icon "Add to wish list".
Click on it and the product will be added to your wish list. While logged into our website you can create up to 50 wish lists.

Send your wish lists to anyone who can't decide on a gift for you.
Not only will you make it easier for them to find a gift for you, at the same time wou will get exactly what you want. You can create multiple wishlists. This will help you to avoid the awkward moment of getting 3 very same items from 3 different people.

Handy? Very!

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