Antelope Orion Studio 2017

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Antelope Orion Studio 2017

Thunderbolt and USB studio interface. Since its release in 2015 Orion Studio has become one of the biggest stars in the Antelope Audio line of Thunderbolt & USB audio interfaces. And now we made it even better. With 12 Class-A Mic Pres make it’s one and only piece of gear you’ll need to record a full band and do it like a pro. For 2017 Orion Studio got brand new AD converters, raising its dynamic range to an industry best 124 dB and features superior low latency performance. Now coming in a gorgeous carbon grey faceplate, Orion Studio has a ton of new features inside its powerful Control panel and FPGA engine. Just like Zen Tour and Goliath, Orion Studio features the full array of real-time FPGA powered vintage FX. This best-selling interface also includes Antelope’s traditionally stunning AD/DA conversion, powered by our very own, world-renowned 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology for jitter management. Orion Studio’s secret weapon is the extremely powerful Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) device. Its massive parallel processing capabilities are far ahead of DSP chips used in similar devices. Through smart algorithms, oversampling and custom-tweaked models, the FPGA provides the lowest latency possible, allowing you to create up to four independent, zero latency mixes. Those can be easily assigned to any output including the two separate headphone outs. Orion Studio comes with full yet ever expanding list of Antelope Vintage FX models. With 5 new compressor models you can now open up to 32 compressors at once, without losing any of your 40 EQ instances. This is a major advantage over DSP processing. All Antelope Audio FX can be used for real-time tracking, monitoring and are easily routed to work on a mix inside the DAW. Antelope Audio’s custom FPGA makes Orion Studio the #1 audio interface for professional guitarists by being the perfect platform for our integrated vintage and contemporary guitar amp & cab simulations. Developed in collaboration with Overloud they bring precision and audio realism to a whole new level, allowing artists to experiment with multiple speaker configurations, mic placement and EQ settings. Specs: Analog Inputs: 4 x Mic / Line Instrument on XLR combos on the front, 8 x Mic / Line on XLR combos on the rear, Mic Input Max: 8. 2 dBu, Line Input Max: 20 dBu, Hi-Z Input Max: 12 dBu; Analog Inserts: 2 x Inserts on TRS (inputs 1,2); Analog Outputs: 16 x Lines on 2 x DB25 (16 channels Line Out), 2 x Stereo Monitor out on TRS (4 channels, only 1 active pair at a time), 2 x Stereo Headphone outs on TRS (4 channels), 2 x ReAmp outs on TRS (2 channels), Monitor Output Max: 20 dBu, Line Output Max: 20 dBu, D/A Monitor Converter, Dynamic Range: 129 dB, THD + N: -108 dB; D/A Converter: Dynamic Range: 120 dB, THD + N: -107 dB; A/D Converter: Dynamic Range: 124 dB, THD + N: -112 dB; Mic Preamp, Gain: 0,10 – 65 dB, THD + N: -108 dB, Digital Inputs: 2 x ADAT (up to 16 depending on the sample rate), 1 x S/PDIF, Digital Outputs: 2 x ADAT, 1 x S/PDIF, USB I/O, USB 2. 0 Hi-Speed; Data stream up to 480 Mbits/192kHz, 24 channels I/O, Type B, Thunderbolt I/O: 1 x Thunderbolt, 32 channels I/O, Operating Temperature: 0-50°C, 32-122°F, Weight: 3. 1 kg/ 6. 83 lbs ( approx ); Dimensions (Approx) Width: 483 mm / 19”, Height: 44 mm / 1. 7”, Depth: 220 mm /8. 6”

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